About the program

General Information

The Program “ECO-EUROPE – QUALITY AND TRADITION” is a three year promotional and informational program aimed to create a positive image and increase the recognizability of the European organic farming products on the markets of Japan, America and Singapore.

The range of products included in the program covers pork, beef, poultry and meat products, as well as fruits, vegetables and processed fruit and vegetable products. The presented products comply with the EU organic production standards, and thus they are compliant with the HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system, and also with the ISO – Quality management – requirements system, the set of GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice standards and the GHP – Good Hygienic Practice activities. They also hold the Organic Product Certificate which is issued by the certifying authorities in the European Union.

The promotional activities of the “ECO-EUROPE – QUALITY AND TRADITION” program are aimed at the trading and distribution enterprises from the food and agriculture industry and the industry associations, as well as the media and public opinion movers and shakers in the target countries of the Program.

The objective of the program is to build a positive image of European organic farming products on the target markets and to propagate the knowledge about the methods and standards of production, which are in place in the European Union member states. Another objective is to increase the recognizability of the graphic symbol granted to the organic products originating in the EU countries. The goal the “ECO-EUROPE – QUALITY AND TRADITION” program is also the growth of organic products export to the target countries.

Supervising organization

Agricultural Market Agency (Polish: Agencja Rynku Rolnego, ARR), established in 1990 for the purposes of stabilization and protection of the agricultural production revenue, has since May 1st 2004 been a payment agency and functions in accordance with EU legislation.

Agricultural Market Agency, after obtaining the accreditation, manages select Polish mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

Agricultural Market Agency coordinates activities within the CAP mechanism – support of the promotional and informational activities on markets of the selected agricultural products; this mechanism enables to conduct operations intended to promote food products on the internal EU market as well as on third-country markets.

Proposing organization

Polish Association of Processors and Producers of Organic Products “Polish Ecology” is the institution proposing the promotion and information program “ECO-EUROPE – QUALITY AND TRADITION.”This nationwide organization brings together organic producers and processors throughout Poland and also other organizations operating in the food and agricultural sector.

The offer of the Association’s members is very diverse and includes meat, fruit, vegetables, meat products, fruit- and vegetable-products, and processed fruit and vegetable products. Through their products, each of the manufacturers demonstrates the uniqueness and nature of the particular regions.

The Association “Polish ecology” closely cooperates with the certifying authorities, including the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), which is the largest organization dealing with the standardization of the organic agriculture all over the world.

Implementing organization

Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza Centrum Promocji Sp. z o.o. [National Chamber of Commerce – Promotion Center Ltd] is the body which implements the program ECO-EUROPE – QUALITY AND TRADITION.

Polish Chamber of Commerce Promotion Center Ltd. was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the main self-government institution in Poland, which, through its associated organizations, bands together about 500 thousand enterprises.

The objective of the Promotion Center of the National Chamber of Commerce is supporting the promotion and international trade, in particular the development of export of Polish and European products to foreign markets, through export advice, implementation of advertising campaigns, organization of trade fairs, exhibitions, foreign trade missions and B2B meeting, seminars, specialized training workshops and conferences.